Vaping has gone through tremendous changes within a few years. The market for vape products is rapidly expanding, which provides the necessary encouragement for brands to work on new product lines that differentiate them among the tons of products. From new sleek vape pen designs to innovative e-liquids, the segment is witnessing innovation at its best. 

vape juice and salt liquids

Nicotine usage is one of the primary objectives of vaping. While several nicotine-infused e-liquids are available on the market, nicotine salts are the latest rage among vapers. So how are these two different? Here we will see some points that will help a vape enthusiast to choose between the two. 

What Is Vape Juice?

E-liquids or vape juice are liquids made for vaping through e-cigarettes or vape devices.  They typically constitute three base ingredients – Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol(PG), and Freebase Nicotine. Most juices also consist of flavoring agents that determine the e liquid flavors. They contribute to the bright, bold taste and aroma of the vaping experince. 

The liquids VG and PG base are present in variable ratios to provide different degrees of throat hit and vapor clouds. For example, VG’s typical ratio to PG is 70 to 30 for a comfortable direct to lung style of vaping with large vapor clouds.  

E-juices are also available at variable nicotine concentrations starting from 0mg to 12mg or 18 mg in some rare cases. E-juices can provide a flavorful vaping experience with large vapor clouds and a smooth hit in combination with the right vape devices. But these juices may not be the right choice for novice users as it requires experience with direct to lungs style of vaping. With best vape juice UK, you are likely to have a better vaping experience compared to what you get with regular ejuices. 

Why Nicotine Salts? 

In the 1960s, Philip Morris fronted research to discover that freebasing nicotine could make the compound’s effects even stronger and significantly more addictive compared to traditional methods of usage. Freebasing refers to converting the nicotine salt, which is the compound’s natural form, into a purer and much more potent form while keeping the overall dosage constant. Freebasing uses ammonia to strip the protons from the nicotine salt that increases the pH significantly. It returns the compound to its freebase or deprotonated state, which has higher alkalinity.  High alkalinity indicates a harsh throat hit even in small doses.

Best online vape shop essential goal of vaping nicotine liquids is to give a ‘familiar feeling’ of using nicotine through traditional methods. In making the experience more real, companies focused on using freebase nicotine to make vape juice.  The deprotonated molecules traveled quickly through the body to bind at the receptor sites to give a satisfying feeling. Until very recently, freebasing solutions were the only method to deliver nicotine from your vape juice. 

While many seem to enjoy nicotine use through vape juices, some also feel that the throat hit is quite unsettling and uncomfortable. This feeling might scare off new vape users and send them rushing back to alternate methods as it may not help satisfy their nicotine craving. Nicotine salts aim to eliminate this harshness from experience and provide a comfortable dosage even in small quantities.  

What Are Salt E-Liquids?

In its natural state, nicotine is present in the form of a salt in tobacco leaves. These salts are useful to create freebase nicotine, which is induced into vape juices. If salts are better than freebase nicotine, then why not use them directly in the vape liquid? 

Well, the answer is a lack of feasibility. Due to the low pH of nicotine salts and their weak nature, they don’t travel or bind well with our bodies’ receptors.  

Also, the device required for vaping these salts would have to be operated at extremely high temperatures for the salts to give a similar effect as the freebase nicotine. Hence, these salts need to be chemically altered by introducing a small acidic component into them.

The most commonly used acids for this process are Benzoic and Citric acid, which increases the salt’s absorption in our bodies. It also allows it to vaporize at lower or room temperatures and keep the pH level in control to avoid harsh throat hits.  

This modification helps deliver concentrations of nicotine into our body that produce a good experience for vapers. These factors make nicotine salts appropriate for new users. They exhibit ease of adoption, similar throat-hit, and a lower quantity of substance needed for vapes with a longer shelf life.  

Improved Satisfaction 

Nicotine salt-based liquids offer better throat hits that help satisfy the cravings of vapers. It gives the same ‘punch’ of nicotine as traditional nicotine delivery methods that improve the vaping experience, especially for novice users. It is also the ideal choice for those seeking vaping to cope with nicotine addiction. 

Smoother Experience

Nicotine salt liquids curb the harsh throat that is a huge turn off for novice vapers. These liquids offer a smooth experience that is more likable. 

Better flavor availability 

It is a very common observation among conventional e-liquids that the flavors feel less pronounced as the nicotine concentration goes down.  Vapers find this transition quite difficult as the experience becomes less fun. Nicotine salt liquids show no difference in this area. They are flavorful and rich throughout different concentrations that provide a significantly good vaping experience. 

Differentiating Vape Juice and Salt E-liquids

Both vape juice and salt e-juices come with specific differences that could be critical in choosing between the two.  


  1. No Addictives, except flavoring agents, VG and PG. 
  2. Slower absorption by receptors in the body.
  3. Extremely harsh, especially at a large dosage.
  4. Suited mostly for people with lower and medium nicotine dosage requirements.
  5. Good cloud production with suitable vapor density. 
  6. Best suited to carry complex flavor profiles. 
  7. Faster consumption of liquid. 
  8. Lower shelf life. 
  9. Higher temperature and power requirements of pods. 

Nic Salts 

  1. It contains Benzoic or citric acid to increase absorption. 
  2. More expensive than liquid cartridges made for vaporizers.
  3. Smoother throat hit and enhanced vaping experience. 
  4. Faster absorption into the bloodstream, effective even in small doses. 
  5. Not suitable to handle flavor complexities.
  6. Smaller vapor clouds due to low vapor density. 
  7. Best choice for novice users. 
  8. Longer shelf life. 
  9. Ideal for low power vaporizers and petite designs.  


While  E-juices are known to provide a better flavor profile and vaping density, salt e-liquids are becoming increasingly common. It gives a smooth and straightforward vaping solution, especially to novice users seeking nicotine. Currently, there are fewer choices compared to conventional e-liquids. But salt liquids might be the most appropriate way of enjoying nicotine, and future innovations may help offer more fun choices as well. Registered & Protected