Weed Delivery

Weed consumers in Burnaby have a reason to smile after British Columbia’s provincial government legalized weed delivery services by private sector vendors. Therefore, consumers can now enjoy convenience buying from other retailers.

However, while the new directive, which became effective on 17th June 2021, affords cannabis consumers choice and convenience, it also makes weed shopping somewhat overwhelming. Despite being licensed, not all weed delivery services in Burnaby offer high-quality services. Therefore, follow the tips below to have the best Weed Delivery.

1.   Vet Weed Delivery Service Providers Out

British Columbia (BC) had the second-highest number of legal cannabis retail stores in Canada by June 2020. However, while BC’s provincial government dictates the terms and conditions necessary for a cannabis retailer to acquire a license, most operational procedures are at the vendor’s discretion.

Therefore, it is prudent to investigate a marijuana delivery service provider’s track record before using their platform. Below are some pointers to consider while vetting cannabis delivery services. Also, read this, https://cannops.com/retail-store-licence/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6s2IBhCnARIsAP8RfAjhrTBYZl32ysA1F7MjneeGnvYjN8tspnrkCcCOkX6uGnFXrRDx-eUaAvZ_EALw_wcB

First, note that when you buy weed from illicit vendors, you risk consuming contaminated products. Therefore, ensure the vendor has a license to operate because all legal cannabis dispensaries adhere to health and safety regulations.

Second, having a license is the bare minimum requirement for legal cannabis delivery services in Burnaby. However, the actual value offered by a service provider lies in their commitment to delivering top-notch services across the board.

Therefore, check online resources like independent user reviews, social media comments and engagement, and rating sites to establish other customers’ experiences with different online cannabis vendors. Check whether they have a delivery guarantee and, most importantly, whether they fulfill this guarantee by making reliable and timely deliveries. Third, check their customer service reviews and establish the accessibility, knowledge, and customer-friendliness within their customer service team.

2.   Verify Product Variety and Quality

Credible weed delivery service providers in Burnaby sell plenty of products, including cannabis buds, weed edibles, THC vape juice, concentrates, CBD products, and magic mushrooms. They also sell popular potent cannabis strains and some bespoke strains by credible cannabis suppliers.

As a consumer, a comprehensive product catalog gives you the liberty to choose and the convenience of one-stop shopping. Moreover, you can also benefit from bulk-purchase discounts when you shop on one platform rather than across different platforms. Therefore, look out for marijuana delivery service providers with an array of premium products and who regularly update their catalog with fresh, high-quality products like weed compression socks.

However, the challenge for many cannabis consumers is establishing product quality. Rogue delivery services may post a high-quality product image on their website yet deliver brick weed to your doorstep. Thus, browsing the online resources above and third-party lab test results establishes whether individual cannabis delivery service providers uphold product integrity, protecting you from rogue vendors.

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3.   Shop For The Best Prices

As previously stated, there are hundreds of legal weed dispensaries in BC delivering weed to Burnaby. A large number of weed retailers means vendors employ competitive tactics, including pricing strategies, to attract customers. Therefore, comb through the internet for marijuana delivery services that sell high-quality products at unbeatable prices.


Some of the tools you may employ in this venture include price tracking apps, websites, and search-engine add-ons that track and report price reductions. By doing so, you will have high-quality weed, and other cannabis products brought to your doorstep without breaking the bank.

4.   Shop For Weed Delivery Deals

Besides affordable prices, another way to make significant savings while using weed delivery services is to utilize available deals. Cannabis delivery services to Burnaby may offer perks like a 10% welcome bonus, complimentary gifts of your choosing, and percentage discounts on each order. Moreover, some delivery services have referral programs to earn you redeemable points and offer weekly deals.

One way to find such deals is to use deal-tracking apps; you can also follow individual delivery service providers on social media. Second, you can also set notifications on your browser so that you get deal alerts. However, be wary of rogue service providers that sensationalize deals for clout.

5.   Confirm Weed Delivery Schedules

Among the COVID-19 related protocols implemented by Canada’s government to tame the spread of the virus was limiting the cannabis industry’s working hours. Therefore, weed delivery service providers serving Burnaby can only deliver weed and weed products during specific times of the day.

Therefore, while you can shop for weed online 24/7, the delivery service can only deliver your goodies to your doorstep during specific times of the day. So, note when individual cannabis delivery service providers begin making deliveries so that you can shop in time to receive same-day delivery.

Second, weed delivery in Burnaby takes anywhere between 30 minutes, and two hours, so you can plan your day around receiving the delivery. Exceptional weed delivery services ease the wait by issuing you a GPS tracking cord 30 minutes before dispatch.  Therefore, you know where your order is at all times and when to expect it.

Weed Delivery


Weed delivery services offer a convenient way to have premium quality weed and other cannabis products brought to your home address. So, follow the tips above to have a smooth marijuana delivery experience and make mega savings.





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