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Gelato the perfect choice for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation and chronic fatigue. This Super-Sweet Hybrid Is Potent, Popular And Perfectly Balanced.Finally you can buy cannabis oil and marijuana with 100% guaranteed through Paypal and special discount on paying with BTC.

Gelato hits hard and fast. Its high THC level is known to induce powerful psychoactive and psychedelic effects. This isn’t a strain for novice users and those who can’t tolerate THC very well. But if you still want to try it out, do so with caution.


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Buy Gelato: Much like the ice-cold treat for which it is named, Gelato marijuana is a smooth and creamy cannabis strain with a flavor that delivers blissful happiness, and also belies its soaring levels of psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

The euphoria-driven high of Gelato marijuana sets in quickly, which can be overwhelming to novice or first-time consumers, particularly those unaccustomed to the kind of psychedelic headrush characteristic of a sativa of this caliber. Free of worry and tension, with Gelato you’ll find yourself more comfortable in social settings – talkative, energetic, perhaps even the life of the party.

Gelato marijuana smells strongly of oranges, a profile it derives from one parent more than the other. When cured and crushed, however, hints of earthiness round out the aroma for a distinct and enjoyable fragrance. The flavor departs slightly from these citrusy roots and leaves a sweet berry and lavender aftertaste on the exhale.

A spoonful of the Italian dessert is delicious but has little effect on aches and pains. Gelato marijuana, however, is adept at inducing relaxation and reducing the discomfort of chronic aches and pains. Patients suffering from stress and depression have also benefited from the sweetly flavored cannabis’ medicinal effects.\

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Gelato marijuana is as much a treat to consume as it is to grow. The plant itself delights in hues of bright green and dark purple, and its leaves sparkle with crystalline resin. Ideally suited to cannabis gardeners who have at least moderate experience with cannabis cultivation, Gelato marijuana seeds will thrive in a more controlled environment that is warm and humid, and be ready for harvest after about 8-9 weeks of flowering.

You can’t mention dessert cannabis strains without mentioning Cookie Fam.

Cookie Fam is a world-renowned cannabis breeding company that’s located in the heart of San Francisco, California. It makes sense that Gelato seeds are the brainchild of Cookie Fam. When you look at the Gelato strains’ lineage, you’ll fully understand the gravity of this unique hybrid.

Gelato seeds were produced by crossing the legendary Sunset Sherbet and the almighty Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato seeds are the offspring of the OG dessert cannabis strains that set the world on fire with their taste-bud-bending terpene profiles and sky-high potency.

Ever since its release, the Gelato strain has won multiple cannabis awards and produced a cult-like following. Cannabis enthusiasts around the globe clamor at the ability to purchase the limited Gelato seeds.

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