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Purple Trainwreck, also called Granddaddy Wreck, is a true powerhouse that combines Granddaddy Purple with Trainwreck. The classic spicy lemon scent of Trainwreck is met with berry undertones to create a sweet, pungent grape-like flavor.Finally you can buy cannabis oil, buying weed online and marijuana with 100% guaranteed through Paypal.

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Buy Purple Trainwreck: Purple Trainwreck is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was produced by crossing a Mendocino Purps with Trainwreck. It is robust, vigorous and puts on a colourful display during flowering.

Purple Trainwreck grows indoors and in warm, dry, temperate and Mediterranean climates. If grown indoors it should be noted that because of the amount that this strain stretches the vegetative period should be kept short. In addition it is very nutrient-hungry and will need to be well-fed. Its structure is that of the familiar Christmas tree shape but with a slightly open structure which allows light penetration to the internal buds thus ensuring good development for an abundant harvest. When temperatures drop significantly at night this plant will display lovely violet and purple colourations.

Buy Purple Trainwreck

Indoors yields will be in the range 350 – 500 gr/m2 within a flowering period of 58 – 63 days.

Purple Trainwreck’s THC production is high at 15% – 17% with very low CBD at 0.1%. Aromas of citrus and hot spices completed by flavours of lemon, pine and lavender. The effect is quite special devastating powerful with cerebral focus giving an energetic and invigorating high. It is initially very psychedelic but which evolves into a long-lasting sensation of utter relaxation. Therapeutically it could prove to be of benefit. Buy

Purple Trainwreck cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization belong to a feminized Sativa-dominant straing that comes from the cross between Mendo Purps and Trainwreck. The result is a strong, robust and easy to grow hybrid with a short flowering and a heavy-yield.

Purple Trainwreck develops wonderful medium-sized plants, with a solid and slightly open structure and intermediate leaves. It grows very strong so it is desirable to control its growth indoors. So, you must have enough room for flowering. Growing with the appearance of a Christmas tree, this plant offers a heavy production of large and heavy buds covered with resin. It is a beautiful plant that can acquire shades of purple/violet if exposed overnight at low temperatures in the flowering period.

Purple Trainwreck has an intense aroma and flavour, with notes of lemon, lavender, and pine wood. Its effect causes a moderate cerebral high, stimulating and euphoric. Ideal for sharing good times with friends. This is an appropriate variety for medicinal use.

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