Effects of Laughing Buddha Strain

Laughing Buddha Strain best feature is its ability to not push its way towards users, even though it is a predominantly Sativa strain. It does not overwhelm you with its divine powers. What one would feel instead is a sense of relief that builds to happy feelings. The subtle but distinct energy surge that comes with a lifted mood can be attributed to the increased energy.

The cerebral high makes the user feel more energetic and eager to get things done. This is a good thing, especially if you have urgent tasks to complete. The party strain of Laughing Buddha is also great. You can bring some to a party and there will be plenty of laughter and giggles after everyone has had a few. It is unlikely to feel sluggish despite the strong Sativa effects.

Laughing Buddha Strain


The Main Effects of Laughing Buddha

You will experience relaxation and euphoria when you smoke Laughing Buddha. The body will also feel tingly and relaxes from the effects. However, it is possible to feel overwhelmed by the sensation of being too sensitive to sounds and sights before all this happens. Side effects such as paranoia, panic attacks or slurred speech can be caused by the initial sensations of cannabis. It can also cause hunger, as with many other cannabis strains.

Patients suffering from migraines and arthritis often use this weed for its relaxing properties. It is also effective in combating PTSD, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

Smell and Taste

This weed is well-known for its strong lemon hints and bitter nutty taste. Similar aroma, but with earthy undertones and nutty notes. These characteristics are caused by the terpenes in Laughing Buddha:






Although it can be difficult to turn Laughing Buddha seeds into plants, it is possible. The process of flowering takes between 41 and 52 days. The plant can grow to heights of 60-60 inches both indoors or outdoors.

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