What is Laughing Buddha Strain?

Categorized as a sativa strain with 25% indica genetics and 75% sativa, this type is often beneficial for depression. Laughing Buddha Strain is a favorite because it induces laughter, smiles and giggles. This strain is relatively strong and has an average THC content 18%. It can ease your worries, calm you down, and reminds you to take deep, relaxing breaths.

Laughing Buddha Strain

Unfavorable Reaction

The thing about Laughing Buddha is that it counteracts many of its great benefits. Some users have reported headaches from this strain. Although it doesn’t overwhelm users, it can still be a bothersome. Dry mouth and eyes are a common side effect of this strain, as well as almost all other marijuana strains.

Although the weed is said to be effective in managing depression, some users may feel anxious or paranoid while smoking it. This is a concern for some. People could at best try it to find out if they are affected. There are thousands of strains available if you’re positive.

Laughing Buddha Strain is the ultimate cannabis type to help you let go. A cross-over from the geniuses over at Amsterdam-based Barney’s Farm, Laughing Buddha is the genetic crossing between two outstanding landrace strains; Thai sativa and Jamaican sativa. This strain is known for bringing out sunny, warm, and pleasant vibes.

Laughing Buddha: Aroma and Flavor.

The Laughing Buddha’s aroma is very simple. You can only describe it as sweet. It smells like candy, and you will want to try it immediately. This pleasant sativa has a complex and multi-dimensional flavor. This sativa has sweet flavors such as fruity pineapple, pungent spice and aromatic herbs.

Laughing Buddha’s appearance is classic. It has a classic, oval-shaped look with its buds that are a little larfy. However, the sugar leaves aren’t particularly frosty. They are mostly vibrant shades of forest green with brassy orange pistils that curl and bend throughout the flower. This cannabis variety is a great choice for those who are looking for a more refined and delicious taste. Laughing Buddha tastes strong and herbal with a hint of pineapple and citrus. You can also taste roasted peppers after you exhale.

The pleasant smell of Laughing Buddha is not surprising. A sweet hint of herbs and notes adds to the pleasantness of Laughing Buddha’s marijuana odor.

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