If you want to get THC into your lungs, there are various methods to do that! Still, the wildest way is dabbing! Smooth dabs are your goal, and you want the perfect inhale for the best high. Dabbing definitely has its advantages over vaping and smoking, but you need to be aware that the highs can be a bit wilder and not so controllable. Still, if you want to get high, a nectar collector is the way to go, and getting a good one can save your time and money. There is something nice and soothing in using the systematic act of using a rig, but having a portable option in the form of nectar collected can save you some hassle and give you the ability to dab on the go.

What is a nectar collector?

A nectar collector will vaporize your shatter or wax fast and easy, and honestly, if you are not too big into the dabbing game, it can be super easy to use compared to a complex dab rig. This is essentially a dab straw, which is a unique pipe-like device that is sleek and portable. Dab rigs are usually complicated and not in any way portable. This little straw can let you enjoy a right dab at a concert or anywhere outside. These devices are typically spilled free, so there is less space for mistakes if you are a dabbing newbie.

There are four essential parts:

  • A body with a small percolated for water filtration
  • The straw-like mouthpiece
  • The top of the top where you wax will come

We also suggest having a dish so you can avoid making a mess of yourself and your material. Some are more advanced and made of titanium and other materials. You want to get something that can come apart quickly for cleaning.

How Many Types Of Nectar Collectors are there?

There are a few types of these devices:

  • A glass collector
  • A silicon nectar collector
  • A combined silicon and glass collector
  • An electric daw straw

Glass Nectar Collectors

These are made entirely out of glass, and they do look the coolest. It may come to your mind that glass is more fragile and that you could easily break it, but don’t fret too much, because if you get a good one, those are usually made with high-quality glass made with other components that make it hard and sturdy. Still, if you get a cheap one where the glass is a bit weaker, you need to be careful.

Silicone Nectar Collector

These are the better choice if you are not allergic to silicone. A good silicone nectar collector kit will last you a long time, and they are much sturdier than the glass ones. They are thicker and can withstand much more force. We still need to warn you that if you get a cheaper collector, you could expose yourself to some health risks. Bad plastic can release some nasty stuff for your health when you heat it. In this aspect, the glass ones are better as glass can’t let out any harmful chemicals for you to breathe in.

Silicone and Glass Nectar Collectors

If you want to combine the best of both worlds in a nice sleek package of glass and silicone, this is the option for you. These are often pricier, but you can get one with a titanium tip, and these have the added big benefit of having water filtering systems, which can make your dabs a tad bit smoother. We advise you to empty the water from the filter often and keep your rig clean!

Electric Nectar Collector

The newest part of the collector family, these straws are high tech dabbing devices designed for perfecting heating. With a device like this, you don’t need an external fire source, and it can make your dabs even faster. No more fussing about with butane torches or fire; you can get the perfect hit every time. Still, there is even one more level with an electric dab straw with a water filter!

These nifty devices will offer the smoothest hit possible with their fancy filtration systems and ceramic heating! Perfect for any occasion and any user, but you do need to charge them!


We hope you learned what types of nectar collectors are there and which one would be perfect for you. Think ahead and, of course, get something that will be in your budget. A silicone nectar collector kit may be your best option for starters, and from that point, you can work your way up. Getting a high-end electric one may be the best way to go, but these, as mentioned, are a bit pricer. Dabbing is good in any case and whichever method you prefer! Happy Dabbing!

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