Pets are our best friends and ultimately become an essential part of the family too. However, it is difficult for pet parents to witness their pet go through any discomfort or aggression. Being a parent of an aggressive dog, you know that he may cause danger to himself and other dogs and people around. To control your dog’s aggression using CBD, first, you must figure out the cause of the aggression.

When treating dog aggression, you should note that CBD alone may not work but may help with regular training and socialization. You can buy CBD oil online from for your pet. Still, without proper behavioral modification and veterinary treatment, you and your pet may only reach halfway in reducing unwanted aggression and anxiety.

What is CBD?

Extracted from the hemp plants, CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive chemical compound present in both marijuana and hemp. The basic difference between hemp and marijuana is that the latter does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound known to produce ‘high’ among its users.

CBD has soothing effects on the mind and body and is widely popular for its therapeutic benefits in alleviating conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, epilepsy, etc., in both humans and pets. CBD is available in many forms. However, most pet owners prefer CBD oil and treats as it is easy to make the pets take them.

How does CBD work for pets?

All mammals, including dogs, cats, and horses, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The system controls daily activities and maintains homeostatic balance in the immune and nervous systems of the body. Two primary receptors CB1, and CB2, play a crucial role in the working of the ECS. Mammals produce two major endocannabinoids that activate both the receptors to maintain the proper functioning.

CBD acts as an external endocannabinoid, binding with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, interacting with the ECS when the body lacks naturally produced endocannabinoids.

CBD oil and dog aggression

Let’s now look at how CBD oil helps control dog aggression and calm your fur buddy. CBD oil helps eliminate the root causes leading to dog aggression and help your dog stay calm.

1.   By alleviating fear-based aggression

Fear is one of the crucial factors that trigger aggression in dogs, known as fear-based aggression. Your fur buddy anticipates a threat that may not even be an actual one and responds to it in an aggressive way, such as growling, barking, and even biting. Examples of perceived threats are the threat of an intruder, other dogs, etc. The reason dogs behave in such a manner is because they have three natural responses to fear; fight, freeze, and flight. Dogs choose the fight response in fear-based situations, which explains the aggressive behavior. The inability to differentiate between an actual threat and a perceived threat plays a crucial role in dog aggression.

2.   By alleviating anxiety

Your dog may feel anxious for several reasons, such as having a new person in the home, traveling to a new place, moving to a new house, etc. Separation anxiety and also common among dogs that come under behavioral anxiety. CBD helps in both cases by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors by regulating serotonin levels in the body that are responsible for anxiety, fear, sleep, mood, and other cognitive functions. It creates a soothing effect on your dog, making it calm and relaxed in general.

3.   By alleviating other illnesses and pain

Illness, pain, and discomfort also lead to aggression in dogs. CBD can also help alleviate other health conditions such as chronic pain, inflammations, etc., which may cause dog aggression. Joint pain due to arthritis is common among senior dogs and may trigger aggression as well. CBD’s ability to induce anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory effects explain how efficiently it works in controlling your dog’s aggression.

4.   By boosting anandamide levels

Frustration and social aggression are also common among many dogs, especially puppies. When dogs are in an environment of other dogs, there may be a discrepancy in their behavior. Many factors contribute to it, such as fighting for a comfortable sleeping spot, favorite toy, etc. There are other reasons for social aggression, as well. For instance, when in a pack, there is a hierarchy that the dogs maintain. If any member disrupts the ranking, the leader of the pack may react aggressively.

CBD may help your dog stay calm in such situations by boosting neurotransmitter levels in the brain responsible for affecting the mood, known as anandamide. High levels of anandamide result in mild and mood-boosting effects. Therefore, CBD makes your fur buddy calm and happy instead of being frustrated.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to treat CBD products for what they are, supplements. It’s better not to rely upon CBD for treating any behavioral issues in dogs. Socialization and training contribute to controlling your dog’s aggression as well. Take your dog out to the nearby dog park or on a hiking trip if that’s what he enjoys. It’s better to always prefer high-quality CBD products for pets. Also, check the CBD products’ contents, especially the THC levels, as they can be toxic when given large amounts. Registered & Protected