Smoking is the oldest and the simplest way to enjoy good herb. No need for fancy devices or products made from weed, just a fat blunt and a nice inhale. There is no equipment that could be broken and smoking has proved itself as the cheapest way to enjoy marijuna. Joints are the way to go and rolling a nice one can be tricky without some practice. They are also the most portable option to enjoy weed on the go.

So for that reason we want to introduce to you the rolling tray. A rolling tray is a tray that you use to roll your joints and also not to make a mess on your table or workspace. They provide a smooth surface that is easy to manage and clean. These are super handy and they can be personalized. You can find or create one on some sites and make it truly yours. There are even options for a custom mini LED glow rolling tray which look super cool.

So we wanted to lay down some of the reasons why you would want a custom made rolling tray.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Weed

Rolling can be quite messy, and if you are rolling fat blunts, weed can fall down and picking it up from the floor when it’s all grinded up, is not really the best idea. Or if it falls into the carpet, then you are in bad luck of retrieving it. So with a tray like this you will have all your herb in one spot and you won’t spill around. The surfaces are super shiny and it will be easier to pick up the weed that falls out from the tray. So you will be sure to have those blunts full and that you won’t waste any of your precious herb, read a guide about weed online with paypal and credit cards Australia as well as USA and Worldwide.

  1. Have All Your Smoking Accessories Nearby

This tray can be super useful because it can also keep all the things you need for smoking closeby. With one you can prevent losing your weed, grinder, smoking paper, whatever you need for that perfect roll. All your addons and tools will be in one spot and you will be able to transfer the tray from one place to another. Having to pickup all your tools to go into the other room and roll it there can be a hassle. Some even have plastic separators for easier managing of the things on it.

  1. It Makes Things Easier and Looks Cool

People who smoke now how much a tray can be useful and how centralized your experience becomes. It allows for a nice collection of weed, it prevents you from making a mess and losing things. What else is there, you can really find a tray that shows off your personality and character. There are various designs on the web that you can choose from. Different sizes are for different people. There are small pocket ones, and you then have the big ones where you could even put a laptop next to it. You can really find one that will suit you. Inner compartments, different material designs, even magnetic hinges…you can find all this! Also, some companies offer custom designs and prints where you can send them how you would like your tray to look like!

For the end let’s talk about what types of rolling trays are there. We have different materials, including wood, metal, bamboo, plastic, silicon, and others. You need to understand that every one of these has its pros and cons. Silicone ones are usually super scratch resistant, while metal ones are the most durable. There are some nice bamboo ones around too. Interestingly enough the wooden ones are usually a bit expensive but they look really cool. You can have a simple tray with no compartments but usually, you can find different products with various pockets for your smoking add-ons. Some can even have removable compartments for your tips, papers or weed. Some include spaces for lighters, vape pens, etc. You can really find the one for you in the current market. Even LED lights in your tray to roll a good blunt at night or at the party.

Rolling Kits

Oh and if you check out those, know that in a rolling kit you will get a tray, papers, tips and maybe even a rolling machine or a grinder. Different kits cost different money, but if you want to go over to smoking, investing in a kit can be a good idea. Or if you are a complete beginner to the rolling game, these can be usually bought in shops and they can help you out!

In any case, we hope you learned a bit about trays and why would you need one! Happy smoking 4/20! Registered & Protected